Design & Construction Management

Windward provides procurement and management of all the design and construction disciplines needed for the project at hand.

Our senior engineering and scientific professionals identify and select qualified, experienced, and cost-effective organizations that are well suited to our clients’ needs. We solicit and evaluate proposals for responsiveness, competitiveness, and the project team, and make recommendations. If desired, Windward will enter into negotiations with the leading proposers. Windward recognizes and evaluates project risks, and the ability of the candidate firms to manage the risks in a cost-effective manner.

The Windward team has experience managing architectural, engineering, construction management and construction, commissioning, and testing firms for an array of design and construction projects, including:

  • Natural resource restoration and mitigation
  • Industrial processes
  • Air Pollution Control Systems
  • Industrial wastewater treatment systems
  • Dredging material handling, treatment, and disposal
  • site remediation

Upon award of contract, Windward provides oversight, monitoring, and direct management of the design and construction firms that are hired, and will focus intensely on schedule, budget, and performance criteria in order to achieve a successful project.

  • Clinton, NJ
  • York, ME
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Albany, NY