Windward provides technical services to facilities operating and managing industrial and POTW plants and discharges. Windward’s wastewater related project expertise is focused in the areas of discharge permitting, biological and water quality assessment, and industrial pretreatment and natural resource related design and construction management services.

Maintaining regulatory compliance for wastewater dischargers can subject operators to mandates of both state and federal endangered species acts. Windward’s biologists have extensive experience working with state and federal agencies developing, preparing, and implementing ESA permits. Our expertise includes establishing baseline conditions and water quality standards, designing long-term monitoring and recovery programs, establishing communication and reporting protocols with regulatory agencies, and designing appropriate mitigation resolution programs.

Windward provides the following wastewater related technical services:

Biological Assessment

  • Designing, implementing, conducting, and managing investigative, baseline, and protocol based surveys for special-status and other high profile species
  • Impact analyses for special-status species and associated habitat
  • Designing and negotiating mitigation programs and resolutions

Land Use and Natural Resources Permitting

  • Section 7 and Section 10 consultation under the Federal Endangered Species Act
  • Consultation under state endangered species acts
  • Section 404 permitting under the Federal Clean Water Act
  • Managing and preparing NEPA, CEQA, and other state statutory environmental documents

Discharge Permitting

  • NPDES and pre-treatment
  • Site-specific water quality standards development
  • Use attainability analysis

Design and Construction Management

  • Natural resource restoration and mitigation
  • Industrial pre-treatment plant design and construction
  • Clinton, NJ
  • York, ME
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Albany, NY